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Looking across the fields to Turvey in April

Article Guidelines

Opinions expressed in Turvey News are those of the original contributors and are not necessarily shared by the team. We reserve the right to refuse to publish text submitted and to edit all material provided.

Please use the following guidelines when writing your article:

File Format

We prefer to receive articles electronically, written using Microsoft Word whenever possible - please try to avoid the use of PDFs because sometimes we have to edit articles or change the formatting to fit things in. We do, of course, welcome articles written by hand and will type them up for you.

Page Format

Use A4 page size with margins of 2-2.5cm and font size of minimum of Arial 12pt, Times New Roman 13pt or similar. Articles are reduced to A5 during the duplication process.


Preferably black and white or greyscale. If you only have colour though, don't worry! If possible please also send us the original image file as well as including it in your article, so that we can tweak it if necessary.


Recommended maximum length of one A4 page, although we realise this isn't always possible.